The importance of effective communication throughout all aspects of life is indisputable. Facility in a foreign language has long been a measure of willingness to be inclusive, to look beyond one’s native borders, to be involved in the world. Acquiring a foreign language is enthusiastically received in most cultures […]

Increasing Deaf Communication Worldwide

International deaf communities around the world have their own sign languages, cultures and organizations. As would be expected, the economics and social norms of a particular country affect the extent and nature of the services and opportunities available. Latin America is a prime example of the cultural range among deaf […]

Sign language around the world

  Around the world, international deaf communities have their own sign languages, culture and organizations. Businesses and other organizations operating internationally and faced with a need for interpreters can turn to Sign Language USA (SLUSA) for talented, professional, highly qualified and/or certified sign language and foreign language interpreters. SLUSA offers […]

Deafness is International.

Computer scientists from Saarbrucken in Germany have developed an approach where animated online characters display content in sign language. Researchers Alexis Heloir and Fabrizio Nunnari, working with Peter Schaar, a lecturer for German sign language at the Saarland University Language Center and the College of Engineering and commerce in Saarbrucken, […]

Avatars Expand Internet Access for the Deaf

Under the ADA, whenever patients, their family members, companions, or members of the public are interacting with hospital staff, the hospital is obligated to provide effective communication. Situations where an interpreter may be required include: • Discussing a patient’s symptoms and medical condition, medications, and medical history • Explaining and […]

When is an interpreter required in a hospital setting?

  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires hospitals to provide effective means of communication for patients, family members, and hospital visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing. Wherever patients, their family members, companions, or members of the public are interacting with hospital staff, the hospital is obligated to […]

Communicating with people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in hospital ...

New rules requiring text messaging providers to allow Americans to send a text to 911 to get help during an emergency have been adopted by the FCC. The rules were adopted to ensure that 911 keeps pace with changing technology by requiring all wireless providers and interconnected text providers to […]


Hearing loss is more common than many people think. An estimated 500 million experience hearing loss worldwide. How many people use hearing aids? In the US (with a population of over 316 million in 2013), where nearly 10 percent of the population over the age of 3 years have hearing […]

The Use (or underuse) of Hearing Aids