Deafness is International.


Around the world, international deaf communities have their own sign languages, culture and organizations. Businesses and other organizations operating internationally and faced with a need for interpreters can turn to Sign Language USA (SLUSA) for talented, professional, highly qualified and/or certified sign language and foreign language interpreters. SLUSA offers interpreters in the following languages: Japanese, Farsi, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, and Spanish. Additional languages also can be accommodated.
At the same time that sign language is expanding internationally, appreciation for the utility of American Sign Language in the U.S. has grown, as it becomes increasingly popular as a foreign language. A number of states have passed legislation allowing American Sign Language to be accepted as foreign language requirements in post-secondary education settings. Many states also offer American Sign Language in elementary and secondary schools, though the decision to offer foreign language-educational credit for the option usually is made on a case-by-case basis by individual school districts.


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