Rate and Policy Form

Rates and Policies


*Rates are per interpreter

Number of Interpreters:

              The Registry of Interpreters for the deaf has established occupational health and safety standards for Sign Language Interpreters. The general guidelines are that any assignment in which an interpreter is expected to continuously sign for longer than 1.5 hours must be teamed with a secondary interpreter to switch between active and supporting roles about every 20 minutes. This is an attempt to avoid repetitive motion injuries which are common in the field. The logistics of some requests, including but not limited to, large audience venues and workshops may also require 2 interpreters. SLUSA remains compliant in this policy, therefor each assignment will be evaluated, and the number of interpreters will be determined by your SLUSA rep.  Clients are required to provide the most accurate information possible when making requests. If a single interpreter is assigned based on information given at the time of the request, should the request continue past the requested time, the interpreter has the full authority to either be dismissed at the original requested end time or continue the assignment past the end time at a rate of 1.5x their original rate (applied to entire length of assignment).


Mileage & Travel Policy:

In general, SLUSA does not charge mileage however, there may be instances where the only interpreter available charges mileage. In that instance, clients will be informed in writing and approval will be sought before the interpreter is confirmed. In lieu of mileage, a fixed travel rate may be offered.


Special Needs Surcharge:

Service recipients with multiple disabilities including deaf/blind, cognitive impairments, limited language abilities, or young children may require interpreters with either special skills and training such as tactile or pro-tactile communication or a Certified Deaf Interpreter. In those instances, there will be a $2 per hour Special Needs surcharge applied per interpreter.

  1. Sign Language USA, LLC will provide qualified sign language and foreign language interpreters as needed
  2. Sign Language USA, LLC shall maintain a file for each of its personnel containing the following: (A) copy of valid registration or certification, as applicable, (B) documentation of special education and training, including OSHA infection control, fire safety, and universal precautions (which includes precautions related to direct exposure to bodily fluids); (C) age specific clinical competency file where appropriate; (D) current health clearance, including annual TB test and/or chest X-ray, documentation of immunization status; (E) Criminal and other related background information; and (F) documentation of completed form I-9 for all employees establishing work identity and authorization.
  3. The parties agree to comply and remain in compliance with standards set for the by The Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.
  4. Sign Language USA, LLC will carry general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, Workman’s Compensation, and employer’s liability coverage for all acts and omissions in the provision of the services. Sign Language USA, LLC will provide customer with copies of insurance certificates for general and professional liability policies with coverage in an amount not less than $1Million per incident and $3million in the aggregate
  5. This agreement covers onsite (Face to Face) interpreting. Pricing and policies herein do not cover video remote or over the phone interpreting. If interested in those services, please consult your SLUSA rep.
  6. Sign Language USA, LLC shall be HIPAA compliant in accordance with all regulatory requirements
  7. Payment is due within 30 days following receipt of invoice. Invoicing is on a biweekly basis
  8. The pricing herein is effective for two years from date of signature. SLUSA reserves the right after that time to adjust pricing to reflect. SLUSA will notify customer in writing 30 days prior to any changes.

Please Complete. Once Received, a completed copy will be emailed for your signature. 



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