American Sign Language:

Sign Language USA was originally founded as an American Sign Language interpreting agency. All interpreters complete a full quality control on-boarding process which includes education, professional experience, skills assessment, background check, drug testing, HIPAA compliance and training. Interpreters are then only assigned to interpreting categories that match their skills, certifications, and training.

Categories include

  • Medical Interpreting
  • Educational Interpreting (K-12, Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools, Graduate Programs)
  • Private Business (employee group meetings, Interviews, HR, Ad-Hoc, ect)
  • Government Agencies
  • Special Events (including performance, workshops, conventions)

Foreign Language:

The need for access to communication goes beyond the deaf and hard of hearing world. There was an abundant need to provide access to communication for Limited English Speakers and so Sign Language USA launched its foreign language interpreter services which now offers 150 foreign languages for in person interpreting.

Foreign language interpreters must meet the same requirements for quality control as ASL interpreters in addition to language fluency assessments and completion of certification in the Bridging the Gap program.

Video Remote Interpreting:

SLUSA offers a video remote interpreting platform to connect on-demand with interpreters in ASL and 40 foreign languages (and growing). This service works using any computer web browser by logging in, clicking the language requested, and choosing the gender of the interpreter.  Video call is then routed to the next available interpreter in the language requested.  Connection time averages at 30 seconds or less.   We even have an app for Apple and Android devices which makes the service fully mobile.

Over the Phone Interpreting/Telephonic:

SLUSA offers approximately 300 foreign languages to connect by phone 24/7/365 on demand.  Simply dial in, choose the language required, and the call is routed to the next available interpreter in that language.  Connection times average at 10 seconds or less.  This service is also available through our online portal and mobile app option as an audio only component to our video remote interpreting platform.

Document Translation:

Easily upload documents for translation into our secure online portal, select the language for translation, choose a timeline, and submit.  A translator in the language selected will be assigned.

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART):

This service provides real time streaming of captions in a variety of settings.  Large public events which require on screen captions, smaller one on one sessions streaming captions on a computer or tablet, rough and verbatim transcripts of meetings or events.  There are so many ways CART service is utilized. If you have a need, let us know and we will accommodate.


  • Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Scheduling Interpreters in advance is preferable but we can usually accommodate last minute/same day requests
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