Video Remote Interpreting

Sign Language USA offers 24 hour on-demand Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)!

Video Remote interpreting is an on-demand service.  This means no appointments or notice required. Simply click to call up an interpreter over a video connection to either a tablet or computer (similar to Skype).  In addition to American Sign Language, we offer on-demand video interpreting in 40 spoken foreign languages as well such as Spanish, Mandarin, Amharic, and many more!

In many emergency situations when an interpreter is needed instantly, more and more hospitals are using video remote as a way to communicate with patients before a live interpreter can arrive. We can either add our video remote platform to your current equipment (Laptop, tablet, or desktop) or in many cases we can provide equipment for your use. Our video remote equipment is showcased above and below.
Video interpreting does require you to have a stable high speed internet connection for the best possible experience. 

Easy to grip handle which allows full control to easily move equipment around location on its 5 casters.
Custom enclosure which protects delicate USB connection. Ball and socket joint to allow adjustment of tablet in any direction.
Flexible gooseneck to enable screen viewing from any height or position.

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